Here are projects that our team members has been involved in funding.  Also included is our team member’s media coverage. 

Cars for Ukrainian Drivers

Global Empowerment Mission funded Zoe Church Warsaw, which purchased cars on behalf of pastors in Ukraine. These Ukrainian pastors delivered food and water into combat zones like Kharkiv, Kyiv, and Mariupol, and extract people who were unable to evacuate on their own.

Daycare Centers at Warsaw Refugee Centers

Here is are the refugee daycare centers that you are funding with your donations. Thank you.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage of NotMeButWe.org in San Diego

NotMeButWe.org is starting an NFT project to fundraise throughout schools in the USA.  We will use the cards that American kids write to Ukrainian kids to fundraise for Ukraine.

"There is no time"... Koreans who rescue Ukrainian refugees

Korean Americans carrying aid from Poland to Ukraine.
Doctor Jay Park, who has experience in international relief, transports relief supplies directly.