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Sample Project Description

Currently, our organization has 100 Ukrainian refugees in our care. We are helping them with the legalization of staying in Poland, finding jobs, and organizing schools for children. Aside from that, we are actively assisting the relocation of refugees outside of Poland.

At this moment we have exhausted accommodation with families and apartments for rent within our organization so we are mainly trying to relocate people to Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Israel, and other countries.
Our main needs and expenses are apartment rental fees and utilities related, food for the families who are not yet capable of taking up a job, purchasing school starting kits, local transfers and supplies transport well as transportation from the Ukrainian border.

We hired a special coordinator operating solely for refugees with fluent Russian and Ukrainian. The coordinator works for refugees helping with all formal and practical matters as well as reacting to emergencies at any given time of day or night. She also organizes the work of several dozen volunteers.

Sample Detailed Cost Description

FOOD $1000

Total Monthly Cost = $5000