Your church wants to help Ukrainian Refugees, but

Who can we directly fund?

Is your church looking for Pre-screened, Authentic Projects that Directly Funds Ukrainian Refugees?

Give your church members an opportunity to personally engage another church in Poland or Ukraine that is active in supporting Ukrainian refugees.

  • Connect one on one with a pastor in need.
  • Build a long lasting relationships.
  • Organize a future mission trip to follow up.

Don’t just donate to a large Christian relief agency. Let’s be the true hands and feet of the body and get involved.

NotMeButWe is your connection place for:

Pre-screened Ukrainian Refugee Projects

Projects are PRE-SCREENED

Only authentic churches with real Ukrainian Refugee projects

Detailed Funding Request

Detailed description regarding how the donation money will be spent

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Detailed contact info regarding the church or organization in each project

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