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Jesus in Haiti Ministries

Tom Osbeck is the Executive Director of Jesus in Haiti Ministries (JiHM). In 1996, while working as Inner City Director for Fort Wayne Youth for Christ, Tom went on his first mission trip to Haiti. He felt immediately called by God to Haiti. He made several trips after his initial visit and moved permanently in 1998. After arriving on a Friday, he had his first youth group with 14 kids on a Saturday. Within a couple months, the group grew to 100, and within two years, over 500 were coming weekly. Tom was the Youth Director. After 4 years with Hope Mission, Tom decided to begin a new mission, serving more closely the people in the villages. What he learned at Hope was invaluable as he began the work God was calling him to do. With that, Tom started Jesus in Haiti Ministries. JiHM has distinct ministries which are now referred to as "Points of Light".

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Primary Location: PAP, Haiti