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LaCroix Haiti Mission

It has been the vision and dream of Pastor Vaugelas Pierre to make a better life for the people of Haiti. Pierre began serving at LaCroix in 1975, and since then has heeded God's call by providing a school for children in Haiti whose parents cannot afford to send them. He has seen the schools grow from less than 200 students to over 3500 by Miraculous Provision! The SCHOOLS are overflowing with eager students ranging from Pre-School through 12th grade. School buildings have been established in 7 villages in the LaCroix Community, educating 3500 children. The seven village CHURCHES are filled with worshipers each Sunday and on many evenings. WELLS have been drilled in 12 different locations in the community to provide clean water to LaCroix's people. WATER PURIFICATION through the use of Sand Filters is another way the mission is supporting the health and welfare of LaCroix. The GRAIN MILL offers an opportunity to area residents to mill the grain they harvest, providing them with some income or their own provisions. The MEDICAL and MATERNITY CLINICS provide affordable health care to people near and far. The COMMUNITY OF HOPE is a new endeavor to provide housing to those who need it most. A REFORESTATION project has been initiated to teach the students through hands-on experience how and why growing plants is important.

Contact Info: 412-279-2996
Primary Location: La Croix, Haiti