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The Mission Haiti

Haiti, the western hemisphere's poorest nation, has often been the victim of oppression, poverty, and natural disaster. The January 2010 earthquake that claimed the lives of 250,000 people, also destroyed 5,000 schools, left 2 million people homeless, and deprived 20,000 children of both parents. In a country with already fragile infrastructure, the effects were catastrophic. The life savings of many were lost under collapsed banks, children were separated from their families, jobs were snuffed out, and peace of mind was shattered.

Even before the earthquake, many Haitian families struggled to survive- living on an average yearly income of less than 400 US dollars. Life is challenging in Haiti and it is the country's children that suffer most. In fact, one out of every two children in Haiti will die before the age of fifteen.

Despite Haiti's tragic history, it is also a place of great potential. For the past eight years THE Mission has partnered with a wide array of individuals, organizations, and local Haitian leaders to help meet the immediate needs of children and families in rural Haiti and to help bring future-changing opportunity to children by matching children who cannot afford to attend school with willing sponsors. We strongly believe that hope for the future of Haiti lies in its most precious resource, the next generation. Find out how you can help children in Haiti learn, grow, and dream today!

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Primary Location: Bercy, Haiti