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Pentecostal Mission Haiti

Ron and Terry Brian from a very early age, Ron Brian received God's call to be a missionary. He vividly remembers standing on a chair as a small child to look at the missionary map. He dreamed that one day he would be able to fulfill that calling. It was not until years later that he moved his family to St. Louis, Missouri, to attend Gateway College of Evangelism. Immediately following graduation, the Brians began their ministry in Foreign Missions. The Brians have labored in Trinidad, Curacao, and currently reside in Haiti. Throughout their Foreign Missions ministry, they have placed great emphasis on training of national leaders through Bible school and seminars. Through personal evangelism, they have also established several new churches. Currently he serves as field superintendent of Haiti. Under their leadership, Haiti continues to experience revival on a grand scale. With 50,614 constituents, Haiti is the largest French-speaking UPCI work.

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Primary Location: Port-au-prince, Haiti