Ultrasound Machines for the Ukrainian Army

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You can help improve healthcare in Ukraine!

The Ukrainian Army is requesting 50 handheld Ultrasound units for their medics and doctors to help identify and remove bullets and shrapnel that are affecting soldiers and civilians.

Through our contacts in China, we are purchasing handheld ultrasound devices that transmit their image to a mobile phone via WiFi.  Each ultrasound unit cost $1000. In order to purchase 50 Ultrasound units at a cost of $1000 per unit, we need 500 donors to give $100 to raise $50,000.


Who is raising this money?
Dr. Jay Park is an Emergency Medicine physician at UCSD and a board member of a global disaster relief organization. All donations are tax deductible through Innovative Charity, a 501(c)3 registered US charity.

What is this money for?
100% of the donation will be used for purchasing ultrasound units for Ukrainian medics or physicians.

When will the Ultrasounds be delivered?
Our goal is to have the first shipment go to Ukraine before December 2022. Our plan is to hold a training session with Ukrainian physicians and medics to properly train them.

Where will they be delivered to?
Global Empowerment Mission and other charities in Poland will import the equipment for transport into Ukraine to avoid import taxes and EU regulations. The physician/medic training sessions in Ukraine will likely be held in the Western parts of Ukraine to avoid airstrikes.

How will I ensure that all of the money is used for its intended purpose?
We will invite the top 5 donors to come with us to Ukraine to help train the Ukrainian physician and medics. Dr. Jay Park has been helping in Ukraine since the start of the conflict through the Global Empowerment Mission and other NGOs in Poland and Ukraine.

Why do you need a handheld portable ultrasound?
A large, fixed ultrasound with an electrical plug provides superior quality. The cost of these units can range in the tens of thousands for one unit.
Advantages of a portable ultrasound that costs $1000 per unit:
Portability – the size allows it to be easily transported by a medic on the field.
Price – the low cost of each unit allows us to purchase more than the traditional ultrasound.
Electricity – the Russian army has recently targeted power stations and hospitals are experiencing power outages. The battery-powered unit that can be easily charged by a power pack removes the need for traditional electrical power.
Quantity – the Russian army has attacked healthcare facilities. We can purchase a higher quantity of ultrasound units which will mitigate any damages caused by the Russian army airstrikes.

About the Ultrasounds from China:
Convex/micro-convex probe 3.5/5.0MHz
Supplier: Contec or MT Medical from China

About the top 5 donors who donate the highest amount:
The top 5 donors are invited to come along with me to Western Ukraine (most likely Lviv or Uzhhorod) to meet and train Ukrainian Army medics and physicians on how to use this ultrasound to extract foreign objects from the body. The donors are required to pay for all transportation and living expenses during this trip. The duration of the trip will vary depending on the request of the Ukrainian Army (most likely 3 days maximum inside of Ukraine).

About Jay Park MD
I have been involved in Ukraine and Poland since the start of the war. I have spent almost 3 months in and out of Poland and Ukraine.

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