Christian Youth Church, Zhytomyr (Evacuations from warzone)

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Christian Youth Church in Zhytomyr is focusing on evacuations from the warzone. We primarily evacuate women and children, elderly, bedridden, people with disabilities and nursing homes from Eastern Ukraine. Evacuations are run from cities like Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Kramatorsk and others that are directly affected by fights and bombarding.

Since the beginning of war 845 people were safely evacuated.

Current financial reports and stories of evacuated people can be found here


TWO 20-seater minibuses

TWO 9-seater minibuses

ONE cargo van for humanitarian aid


Two large 20-seater minibuses travel to Kharkov and Dnipro through main open roads.

Our volunteers are evacuating people from Severodonetsk to Dnipro, where we transfer them to our minibuses. The situation in Kharkiv is not stable and changes daily. Sometimes we drive into the city and evacuate people ourselves, sometimes volunteers take people out of the city and we pick them up in the suburbs. Kyiv and Sumy have the same situation.

Additionally, when we are going somewhere we are packing our cars with food and humanitarian aid for local volunteers we know.


Two 9-seater minibuses go to remote locations – faraway villages etc. We believe that in those villages there are people who need the most help but physically can’t call to us (or don’t even know that we exist). We carefully explore small towns and villages, bring humanitarian aid there and evacuate children, elderly or people with disabilities. Unfortunately, we are not able to get into the occupied cities without “green corridors”.

Sometimes we are getting calls from just one family with a child who has a disability in a remote village. Then we send our own car to evacuate those kids.

Monthly Cost Breakdown:


Total Monthly Cost for 4 minibuses = $16.800
Cost of evacuation = $30 per person

Direct donations could be made via link

More on our evacuations in April

Christian Youth Church (Zhytomyr, Ukraine)
Pastor: Denis Dmitrov
Mobile: +380968885805

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