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Promise for Haiti

Project Name
Community Health
Project Category
Specialized Trade/Skill

Promise for Haiti is not only committed to providing healthcare through the facilities of Hospital Bienfaisance in Pignon, but is committed to bringing needed services to the people in the north central plateau of Haiti. Hospital Bienfaisance operates and maintains two remote satellite clinics and trains healthcare workers and midwives, which serve the entire catchment area of 145,000 people. MIDWIFE TRAINING Hospital Bienfaisance has trained over 40 men and women to serve as mid-wives in the surrounding communities. On-going training is provided annually along with kits and supplies for working in the field. The maternal mortality rate has improved significantly over the years and now stands at 341 per 100,000 mothers die at birth compared to the overall statistics in Haiti of 630 per 100,000. COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE WORKERS During the current Cholera outbreak, healthcare workers were trained and sent out in the surrounding community and region to give instruction on hygeine practices to prevent cholera and to hand out literature (with picture instructions) to families in the area.