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Promise for Haiti

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Hospital Bienfaisance
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Hospital Bienfaisance is a modern 65 bed hospital that serves the 145,000 people in the north and central plateau of Hiati. The hospital has two state of the art operating rooms, a full lab facility, endoscopy, mamogram and x-ray capabilities, a complete pharmacy and a feeding program for patients. The hospital seeks to provide on-going training for doctors, nurses and specialty personnel while serving the poor and underserved in the region. Hospital Bienfaisance exists to serve those in need as well as provide modern facilities for those who can pay a portion or pay in full. Over the last 25 years, Hospital Bienfaisance has moved from 7% self sustaining to over 40% self sustaining! That is a phenomenal accomplishement in the midst of extreme poverty and few resources.

But without USAID funds which were are now 25% of what they were two years ago, the hospital cannot continue to operate in the black! We depend on your generousity to help keep our doors open so we can serve the poorest of the poor, keep babies alive, treat epidemic diseases like cholera and AIDS, and bring hope in a sometimes hopeless culture. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please donate now and help keep the doors open for the people of Pignon and the surrounding area. Dr. Guy and team have reiterated that this is the “Lord’s Hospital” and all are ready and willing to serve the poor and underserved in Haiti. Dr. Batsch (medical director) uses this quote “To Serve, you only need a Heart full of Grace, and a Soul generated by Love.”