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Colorado Haiti Project

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Educatio - Konbit Program
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In 2008-2009, approximately 750 children will attend St. Paul's in Grades K-6. In addition, the 2008 - 2009 school year marked the launch of St. Paul's secondary school. The secondary school will be phased in, year by year. This year the 8th grade will be added and approximately 150 students are expected to enroll. Support of the St. Paul's School operations has been one of CHP's primary fund raising goals since the school's founding in 1996, most notably through our "Konbit" Sponsorship Program, with sponsors throughout Colorado who sponsor a student at St. Paul's with a $300 per year donation. The Konbit Program supports the school's operating budget of nearly $150,000, which covers books and supplies, uniforms, tuition aid for all 750 students and salaries for a team of extraordinarily dedicated teachers, a school nurse, cooks, staff, and St. Paul's hot lunch program for all students at the K-8 level.