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Promise for Haiti

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Well Drilling

Access to clean water continues to be one of the major problems in Haiti. Most water borne diseases like Cholera and Hepititis could be elimintated with clean water for drinking, bathing and other sanitary purposes. Promise for Haiti, in response to the problem, has built and currently maintains over 2,500 wells in and around the Pignon area. A great majority of the people still continue to wash clothes, clean equipment and fill containers with drinking water at the river. The river is a hub of activity but also spreads disease and bacteria, especially in the rainy season. Wells have been drilled at each of the nine Christian Schools run by Promise for Haiti and the Comite Bienfaisance de Pignon, along with hundreds of wells like those pictured below in Pignon, Hinche, Mirebalais, and as far as Cap-Haitian. The wells have become busy places at all hours of the day and have provided a clean source of water for drinking and eveyday sanitation.